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Enhance and make your interior unique with a Zellige table

Updated: Feb 19

In the world of interior decoration, Zellige has quickly established itself as an essential trend. Among the many ways to incorporate it into your decor: Zellige tables which stand out for their beauty and functionality. In this article, we will explore how these Zellige tables can add a touch of elegance to your interior. How to choose the perfect Zellige table for your space? And how to integrate a Zellige coffee table into your living room?

Zellige tables are functional pieces of art. They are both aesthetic and practical, adding an artistic dimension which makes them an attractive choice for your interior. Choosing a Zellige table depends on many factors, such as the size of the room, decoration style, colors and intended use.

For example, imagine a Zellige table in the center of your dining room such as the 'Elisa' table which embodies contemporary elegance with Moroccan charm. Its structure is made of white metal (treated against corrosion) which gives it a solid base.

As for the table top which is the real focal point, is decorated with Zellige cut-out cross stars. These geometric patterns intertwine to create a visually appealing pattern that adds charm to the space. One of the most distinctive features of the “Elisa” table is its color. This pretty pink brings a touch of softness and boldness to your dining room.


For those who like to enjoy the outdoors, a Zellige table on the terrace is an obvious choice. Zellige is weather resistant, making it an ideal choice for outdoor spaces. And nothing better than the “Rabiaa” table which embodies the beauty of the outdoors, gracefully combining the classic of Moroccan design and respect for traditions. As for the top of the “Rabiaa” table, it is decorated with Zellige Terracotta cut in Art Deco cutting which brings warmth and richness of color to the whole and fits perfectly into your exterior.

At the heart of your living room, a Zellige coffee table stands out as a centerpiece and nothing better than our magnificent “Modena” table   which was born from an idea from our creator, Nicolas Pascolini, A few years ago, he wanted a table, all in Zellige, with 90 degree corners, combining lightness and robustness. We love it in its 60 x 100 cm version which gives it its most beautiful line. It takes 156 Zelliges and no less than 5 days of design work for a table of this size. The “Modena” table brings a lively energy that will easily integrate with your interior, do not hesitate to use the coffee table as a platform to display art objects.


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