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How to choose the perfect zellige for your space?

With its timeless beauty, its unique geometric patterns, its bright colors and its imperfections that we recognize as true Zellige. However, it is a versatile material that can transform any space. Yet choosing the perfect Zellige for your space can be a complex task. How to use it in decoration? In which rooms? We offer you some steps to follow to choose the right Zellige for your space!

  1. The first crucial step is to determine the space where you want to place your Zellige. Is it for a bathroom renovation, a kitchen, a wall decoration? Each type of space may require a different Zellige style and features in terms of size, shape and color.

  2. The second step is to choose the style of Zellige, which is available in a variety from traditional Moroccan to more contemporary designs. It is therefore preferable to select the Zellige that matches the aesthetic of your space. Geometric patterns, arabesques or more subtle colors can create very different atmospheres.

  3. After choosing the Zellige style, we move on to the third step, which is to choose the color. Therefore think about the color palette that matches your space. You can opt for bright colors to add a touch of sparkle or softer shades for a peaceful ambiance.

  4. After choosing the style and colors, we arrive at the fourth step which consists of choosing the shape of the Zellige, which is available in different sizes, shapes and configurations. From traditional square tiles to hexagons and more unusual shapes, choose a size that suits your space.

  5. Fifth step, consider the location of the installation, that is to say it is decisive to take into consideration the conditions of exposure to humidity, heat or cold, and therefore ensure that the choice of your Zellige is adapted to your space.. 

  6. Sixth step, customization: Atelier Maloukti offers a wide choice of customization, allowing you to create unique patterns by combining different colors of Zellige, which will make your space special.   

  7. Seventh step, and the last. Get creative, Zellige offers many possibilities for creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and colors to create a unique space.


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