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Some trends with Zellige.

Interior design is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging and evolving over time. When it comes to Zellige, an artisanal material rich in history, colors and patterns play an essential role in creating contemporary spaces. So what are the most popular Zellige colors and patterns in interior design?

Let's start with soft and calming colors are increasingly popular in interior design. Shades like beige, powder pink, our famous milk white are in high demand. These colors create a serene and elegant atmosphere in spaces.

Zellige Atelier Maloukti
Mixe de Zellige Atelier Maloukti

We also find colors inspired by nature in vogue. Such as earthy tones like terracotta, green and dark beige bring a feeling of warmth and connection to nature. For example, bold color combinations are a growing creative trend. Designers and decoration enthusiasts dare to mix bright colors to create dynamic and unique designs.

Then, looking at the geometric patterns which remain at the top of the Zellige trends, we find simple shapes such as squares, diamonds and triangles which are very popular. These clean patterns add a modern touch to the traditional Zellige aesthetic. As for arabesque patterns, inspired by Arab art and architecture, they are gaining popularity. These complex and ornamental patterns bring a touch of exoticism and elegance to spaces. You may not know that personalization is a major trend in interior decoration. Homeowners seek to create unique spaces that reflect their personal style.

Zellige offers the ability to customize colors, patterns and combinations to create unique designs. It is pertinent to mention that minimalism is constantly growing in popularity with clean and functional interior designs. Zellige adapts to this trend by offering simple tile designs and neutral colors that fit perfectly into minimalist spaces.

Regarding the strong comeback of classic motifs, including crosses and stars which remain timeless, and even now continue to add a touch of authenticity to decoration.

Zelliges Croix et Étoiles



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