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Renovation and decoration of Dar and Riads: the expertise of Atelier Maloukti

Atelier Maloukti offers its riad decoration and renovation services. Thanks to the expertise of Nicolas, our creator and interior decorator, we are able to give new life to traditional riads by bringing a unique and modern touch while respecting the authenticity of these places.

Nicolas has a particular talent for creating a bohemian and modern style that will adapt to the tastes and preferences of each client. His experience of the Marrakech medina allows him to understand the particularities of each riad and to highlight them optimally.

We work with great attention to detail to create living spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We listen to our customers to understand their needs and wishes in order to achieve them with great precision.

Whether for a complete renovation or a simple redecoration, Atelier Maloukti puts its expertise and know-how at your disposal to transform your riad into a true haven of peace.

From past to present: the transformation of a riad into a coveted guest house"


Once the structure was repaired, the renovation progressed quickly with the creation of new rooms and the restoration of old architectural features such as wooden doors, plaster ceilings and traditional tadelakt and Zelliges walls and floors. Traditional colors and patterns have been respected to create an authentic setting that embodies the history of the city of Rabat.

The furniture and decorative elements have been carefully chosen to reflect the history of the riad, but also to offer modern comfort to its guests. From the decor to the comfortable beds, each element has been carefully chosen to provide an unforgettable experience for guests.

Today, the riad is a sought-after guest house in Rabat, offering its guests an authentic and comfortable setting in which to explore the city and its surroundings. Omar, the owner, has complete confidence in our company for his renovation project, and it shows in every detail of the property. Guests appreciate the attention to detail, the authenticity of the experience and the comfort offered, and many return regularly to enjoy the unique ambiance of the riad.

The renovation of Dar Rabiaa, a guest house in Rabat, was a massive undertaking that required a clear vision and a lot of hard work. The owner of the riad, Omar, had a passion for renovating old buildings and creating modern and comfortable living spaces, while respecting the authenticity of the place. The riad was once a ruin, abandoned for many years, but Omar was determined to turn it into a prestigious guest house.

The renovation process began with a careful inspection of the building structure, which revealed numerous structural issues such as collapsed walls, sagging foundations and collapsed ceilings. The renovation therefore began with the demolition of everything that was unusable or dangerous, carefully keeping the original elements that could be saved and restored.


The decoration was the key element in transforming the dar into a charming guest house. The walls have been decorated with traditional decorative elements, lanterns and carved mirrors. The furniture has been carefully selected to add a distinctive and authentic character to each room.

The end result was spectacular, an elegant and authentic dar that was transformed into one of the ten best small riads in Marrakech. attention has been paid to details and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the guest house. The beautification of the dar was a real success, thanks in large part to the hard work of the renovation team, who worked tirelessly to meet strict deadlines and provide a unique and authentic experience for each guest.

In short, the renovation of this Dar in the medina of Marrakech was a real feat in terms of renovation and decoration, demonstrating great professionalism and a real passion for Moroccan tradition. The result is a prestigious guest house which has distinguished itself in the very competitive world of charming accommodation in Marrakech.

"The rebirth of a traditional dar: the transformation of a pretty house"

The renovation of a dar in the medina of Marrakech was an ambitious project that required hard work and total commitment for a spectacular result. The aim was to transform a well-preserved building into a small, prestigious guest house in just two months.

The project began with a careful assessment of the structure and renovation needs. The work was divided into key stages so that each element could be treated separately and deadlines met. The floor work, walls and decoration were carried out simultaneously to speed up the process.

The floor work consisted of renovating the floors but retaining those in good original condition and naturally patinated. The walls have also been renovated, with the restoration of the traditional terracotta brick. 


“A guest dar transformed into a private residence: the magic of Atelier Maloukti”

Atelier Maloukti had the honor of carrying out the complete renovation of a dar in the Kasbah of Marrakech, to transform it into a prestigious private residence. The owner wanted a complete transformation of a former guest house into a private home, with a private swimming pool and an industrial loft aesthetic.

Atelier artisans carried out a bold transformation, opening up spaces to create a feeling of grandeur, while retaining the home's historic features such as carved ceilings and tadelakt walls. The creation of a fireplace added a touch of warmth to the space, while the patio became a relaxing place to enjoy sunny days.

The end result is a unique combination of style and history, blending modern elements with traditional architecture, to create a spectacular home that meets the owner's needs. Atelier Maloukti was able to meet the owner's requirements by creating a residence that reflects her lifestyle and personal tastes, while respecting the history and aesthetics of the Kasbah of Marrakech.

This transformation is a shining example of Atelier Maloukti's expertise in renovating historic homes and creating modern, stylish homes, tailored to the specific needs of each client.

“A bohemian terrace in the heart of Rabat: the perfect marriage between nature and Moroccan craftsmanship”

For the decoration of the terrace of the riad in Rabat, we chose to create a Moroccan bohemian space in natural tones of green. We favored natural materials such as wood, rattan and linen to create a warm and authentic atmosphere.


Green plants and ethnic patterned cushions were added to bring a touch of color and life to the space. The end result is a welcoming and peaceful terrace, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the Moroccan sun.


"Creation of a bohemian oasis:
the decoration of the Menzeh of Marrakech"


We had the pleasure of decorating a Menzeh on the outskirts of Marrakech for a client who was looking to create a warm and friendly space with a bohemian touch.

We therefore used Beni Ouarain rugs to dress the floors, zellige tables to add a touch of Moroccan craftsmanship, and revisited traditional lamps to light the space.


The end result was a true haven of peace, offering a welcoming and relaxing ambiance to enjoy relaxing moments with family or friends.


“A terrace with bohemian accents for a modern villa in Marrakech”


Atelier Maloukti had the opportunity to create a magnificent terrace for a modern villa in Marrakech. We worked closely with the owner to create a unique and comfortable outdoor space, in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

To meet our client's wishes, we created bohemian beds on the terrace, surrounded by sails which bring a touch of lightness and softness.

The whole has been designed to offer a place of relaxation and conviviality, where the owner and her guests can rest in complete tranquility while enjoying the views of the magnificent villa.

Nous avons également apporté une attention particulière à la qualité des matériaux utilisés, afin de garantir une durabilité à long terme. Nous sommes fiers de ce projet, qui allie l'esthétique, le confort et la fonctionnalité pour répondre aux besoins de notre cliente.

If you would like to create a unique and personalized terrace, do not hesitate to contact us. Atelier Maloukti is at your disposal to respond to all your requests in terms of decoration and exterior design.

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